About Momma Maria's

Thomas & Maria Mitchell


Thomas was born at his family’s home in the Lithuanian section of Baltimore. He grew up in Washington, D.C. where he met Maria Meletakos at Coolidge High School. Maria, who is 100% Greek, is known for her radiant beauty, her fiery spirt and her incredible cooking. Tom, who is known for his savviness in business, kind nature and “can do” attitude, was in love with Maria since high school and eventually married her. While Tom expanded his career as an entrepreneur, the couple moved to the Eastern Shore and began a family. Maria is the heart, soul and muse of our restaurant, from the murals of Santorini, Greece that grace our walls to the classic Greek additions to our menu that Maria has been mastering for years— like our baklava and pound cake! You’ll miss her presence at our restaurant due to her ongoing battle with Alzheimer’s Disease.